Information notice for compatriots new to Canada

The team of the High Commission of Cameroon wishes you a warm welcome to Canada and a pleasant stay in this beautiful and vast country. You have chosen to live in this country for various reasons (school, university, professional, medical, family or other).

We assure you that within the High Commission of Cameroon in Ottawa, you will always find a dedicated team to serve you and provide you with the necessary information and enlightenment as much as possible.

The High Commission of Cameroon is the extension of the Cameroonian Administration on Canadian soil and offers you a range of services whose general information is available on this website.
In order to facilitate your various future steps with the High Commission as well as, as much as possible, your installation and your stay in this country, you are invited to :

  • Get acquainted with the information related to the High Commission: postal address, telephone contacts, e-mail addresses…
  • Apply for a consular card: the consular card is a document that attests to your registration with the High Commission and that allows us to have your identity and your various contacts. This procedure is done on the website of the High Commission through the following link : Register, Consular Card
  • Get in touch with Cameroonian associations in your locality of residence and with people of good character in our diaspora in order to establish useful contacts and facilitate your integration in the host country;
  • Respect the laws and regulations of Canada and in this sense give a good image of Cameroon and Cameroonians;
  • Ensure that you have all the documents that allow you to have a regular status (study permit, work permit, permanent residence …) and to renew them in time, so as not to find yourself on the fringe of legality;
  • Report to the High Commission, through the available means of communication, any situation of distress or any compatriot of whom you are aware and who is in distress;
  • Share any suggestion, any project or any initiative that you feel could benefit our diaspora or our country.
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