Please note that this service is only available to parents of Cameroonian nationality whose children were born in Canada.



1- A birth certificate transcription request form to be filled out online, printed and signed. This form can be found on the current page of the website of the High Commission

2- A handwritten request addressed to the High Commissioner with the names, complete address in Canada, the purpose of the request, the profession and the signature of the parents of the child if they are both Cameroonian

3- A photocopy of the identity page of the parents’ valid cameroonian passports. If one of the parents is a national of another country, he/she must provide the Cameroonian parent who is making the request with a parental authorization authenticated before a Notary or a Commissioner of Oaths, as well as a photocopy of his/her identity document

4- A photocopy of the document attesting a valid status in Canada (study permit, work permit, permanent residence card, entry visa or any other residence permit issued by the Canadian government)

5- Original and photocopy of the Canadian birth certificate to be transcribed

6- A marriage certificate for married couples

7- The tax stamp fee of 4 canadian dollars, payable in cash, certified check or money order to the Cameroon High Commission

8- A traceable return envelope bearing the applicant’s full address (including apartment number if applicable)

9- A photocopy of the valid consular card of both parents or of the only Cameroonian parent. If you do not have one, please click on this link to complete the form. You will then have to print it, sign and attach it to the file with 1 half card photo 4 cm x 4cm and $12 fee.

N.B.:   – Please take note that any incomplete application will be rejected and that the waiting  period is around twenty one (21) days

           – Due to Covid-19, applications must be sent to the High Commission by postal means only. 

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