Apply for a Visa

Before applying for a visa, please refer to the Entry Requirements in Cameroon.

SPECIAL NOTIFICATION : Users are informed that due to the covid-19 health crisis, the Cameroonian borders remain partially closed. In this regard, and on the instructions of the Government, visas will only be granted to people making a journey deemed essential and not likely to be pushed.

In order to facilitate the consideration of the various applications, in addition to the general conditions listed below, visa applications shall be accompanied by supporting documents related to the purpose of the trip.

Please note that due to the current health crisis, users are strongly advised to send their visa applications by postal means only (Canada Post, Ups, Fedex, Purolator….), including a traceable return envelope. Therefore, physical presence at the High Commission is not required.

Apply for a visa

In this regard, for family travel, please attach:

  • Bereavement: death certificate, or funeral program ;
  • Visiting a sick person: medical certificate, or other medical document attesting to the person’s health state ;
  • Wedding or other happy event: publication of banns, wedding program, invitation …

In addition to these documents, a civil status document (copy of birth certificate …) indicating the family link with the person concerned by the event in Cameroon is required. If travelling for humanitarian purposes, kindly present the said purposes joined by a document indicating the role of the visa applicant on the trip.

The High Commission reserves itself the right, after examination of the file, to request other supporting documents.

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Applicants for a Cameroon Entry Visa

List of required documents

  • After filling the online visa application form, print it and send it with the following documents:
  • A passport with a validity of at least Six (6) months.
  • 1 recent Passport Size Photograph, 7cm X 5cm or 5cm X 4cm (with the name of the applicant on the back).
  • An International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever . However, other vaccines and treatment for malaria are recommended.
  • A flight ticket or reservation with the passenger(s) name showing entry and return dates.
  • A  letter of invitation or a certificate of accomodation by your host legalized by competent local cameroonian administrative authority. The letter of invitation should serve as a guarantee for the accomodation of the applicant and/or the care of the applicant during his stay. However Cameroonians of origin who may be unable, for various reasons, to obtain a signed letter of invitation, should download and sign the declaration in honour form.
  • Proof of means of subsistence: a signed copy of a bank statement indicating a minimum sum of 3000 dollars. However, Cameroonians of origin who have completed the declaration in honour form are exempted from presenting this document.
  • Copy of marriage certificate or declaration of common-law union (for persons who are married or in legal cohabitation).
  • Parental authorization for children (ages 0 to 14 ) signed in front of a notary or a commissioner of oath / legalized by administrative authorities, if done in Cameroon.

Complementary information for visa application for children below 14 years:

  • Attach photocopy of the passports of the parents of the child/children requesting a visa
  • Attach a copy of the birth certificate of the child/children intending to travel
  • Legalized authorization, available at the following link: The parental authorization must be filled by both parents in case they are not travelling with their child; in case one of the parents is traveling with the child, the other parent must provide a legalized authorization.
  • A separate visa application form must be filled and signed for each child.

Requests for :

  • Business Visas: company letter guaranteeing stay in Cameroon and stating the reasons for visit, a signed work contract from cameroon (if it exists).
  • Student Visas: should be accompanied by a letter from the institution where the applicant intends to study, together with and evidence of financial means while in cameroon.
  • Visitors/Tourist Visas: hotel reservation where applicant will be lodging.
  • Employment Visas: should be accompanied with a contract of employment in Cameroon. Please provide a reference from the company or organization-employing applicant, and an authorization to work in Cameroon, issued by the Cameroon government.
  • Transit Visas: enclose a valid to and return air ticket showing on ward or final destination; and passport should have visa for the said destination.
  • Short Stay Visas to visit family members : a letter of invitation from a family member or friend, signed by a competent local authority.

NB: – Following Covid-19 Special Measures (see homepage), visa requests are to be sent exclusively by mail to the High Commission with a trackable return envelope bearing the applicant’s exact address.
-Incomplete files will be rejected.

Pay Visa Fees

Check the fees for Entry Visas.

Visa Processing Time

  • All visa applications take an average estimated period of twenty-one (21) Business days to process.
  • An Express Visa Service for processing on the same day of the request is also offered.

Visas by Post – Registered Mail Only

Visa applications sent by post will only be accepted and processed if all the required documents are enclosed.

In case a passport will not be retrieved in person, a Pre-Paid self- addressed envelope must be provided by the applicant. It is preferable to use one of the reputable couriers i.e. FEDEX, Purolator, or Priority-Express Mail (Canada Post).

Apply for a visa