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Information on scholarships

You can apply for a scholarship under some conditions. For more information, consult the website:

The AUCC (Association of universities and colleges of Canada) manages more than 150 programs of scholarship on the behave of enterprises of the private sector, the federal government and Canadian and foreign agencies.

Convenient information for cameroonian students in Canada

The program of fees waiver (exemptions) for cameroonians students in Quebec. It is mandatory to fill and submit the two forms below:

Note: Because of the confidentiality of the personal information, all beneficiaries of the fees waivers will be informed individually by Email .

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Information for Cameroonians

who wish to come and study in Canada

For people who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Canada that wish to come and study in Canada, you must get a canadian visa before beginning studies. The procedure being long enough (obtaining an admission into a university, a visa of entry to Canada or an authorization of study for example in the Province of Quebec), it would be necessary to start the formalities at least 6 months before the beginning of the session for which you are intended to begin your program of study.

To learn more about this, just click on this link of canada immigration or on the link with the advises to visitor in canada.

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