In page 46 of his political note book titled Pour le Libéralisme Communautaire, the President of the Republic of Cameroon, H. E. Paul BIYA defines the cultural service in these terms:

« To represent outside of our country a faithful picture it is necessary to give a more complete mission to Cultural Counselors of our abroad embassies while assigning them to distribute the picture of our country better and to assure the export of the Cameroonian Culture. »

Besides these prerogatives the Cultural Service :

  • Provides usefull information to Cameroonian students in Canada.
  • Promotes cultural co-operation between Cameroonian and Canadian universities.
  • Manage particular programs such as the program of fees waiver (exemptions).
  • Provide information to Canadian students who want to study in Cameroon and to Cameroonian students who want to study in Canada.
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