Investment code

In its efforts to build a competitive and prosperous economy through the development of investment and savings, and performance objectives of its economic and social action, the Republic of Cameroon has set the following guidelines:

  • The reaffirmation of the choice of the economy to walk as mode of privileged economic organisation;
  • The reaffirmation of the essential role of the State for the promotion of social and economic development;
  • The acknowledgement of the entrepreneur’s, investors and private company’s key role as crucial factors of creation of wealth and jobs must be subject to particular attention, not only from the whole State machinery, but also the entire society;
  • The pledge to preserve the freedom of enterprise and the freedom of investment;
  • The commitment to maintain a secure macroeconomic framework;
  • The pledge to ensure flexibility and reversibility of decision making processes in the sense of building the competitiveness of the economy;

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Source: Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon

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