Since July 1, 2021, applications for the issuance or renewal of Cameroonian biometric passports are made in 3 main steps. Namely:
Online pre-registration. It is done only on the website of the General Delegation for National Security (GDNS). You can access it directly by clicking on one of the following links: or It is only at this stage that you must make an appointment for the enrollment process.

Physical enrollment. It is done at the High Commission on the day of your appointment. You will need to bring the information sheet that will be generated at the end of your pre-enrollment procedure as well as the other official documents that are required for the composition of your file (Click on the following link to consult the list of documents required for the passport application file).

Please note that the original and the photocopy of your consular card are part of your passport renewal application. If you do not have a consular card, please click on this link to apply for one. The completed form should be printed and included with your application along with a 35 Canadian dollar fee and a half card photo measuring 4 cm x 4 cm.

The collection of the passport produced. Although the physical enrolment is done in Ottawa, passports are produced in Cameroon by the GDNS. The new system in effect allows for the production of a passport whose file has been validated by the GDNS within 48 hours. After this step, your new passport will be returned to the High Commission which will forward it to your postal address using the return envelope that you will have left on the day of your appointment.

As indicated above, appointments for the establishment and renewal procedures are no longer made on the website of the High Commission of Cameroon in Canada, but on the website of the GDNS at the time of your pre-registration.
An appointment made can only be changed ONCE and this up to exactly 24 hours before the date and time you have chosen. Therefore, make sure you are fully available on that day.

The payment of stamp fees for your new passport is now done ONLY on the GDNS website at the time of your pre-registration. The only fees that will be charged at the High Commission are the legalization fees for photocopies of your official documents (see the fees payable to the High Commission internet link). Payment is made exclusively in cash or by money order or certified check payable to the High Commission of Cameroon in Ottawa.


If your application to issue or renew your passport is rejected, please write to the following email address:

You are invited to specify in the subject line of your email: REJECTION

If you have a problem with the online pre-enrollment process (change of location and/or date of physical enrollment, appointment, payment of passport fees, etc…), please send your request to this following e-mail address:

Your message must be BRIEF and contain the following elements:

  • The subject of the problem
  • The identification number on your pre-enrollment form (PO-2022….)
  • The phone number for mobile payments or other identifier of the payment method used
  • The proof of payment (receipt)

Once the problem is submitted, please wait for a response from the Passcam team.

The process is the same as for the renewal and/or establishment of passports. The only difference is that you MUST attach to your passport application a Certificate of Loss of the old passport issued by the Police of the place where the event occurred. This is the physical report of the circumstances of the loss of your passport and NOT the document bearing only the file number.



1- When should I renew my passport?

We recommend that you renew your passport no later than 6 months before it expires.

2- I've lost my passport; how can I get a new one?

If your original passport is lost or stolen, you MUST enclose with your passport application form a Certificate of Loss of the old passport issued by the local police. This is a physical report of the circumstances surrounding the loss of your document, NOT the file number.

3- I'd like to renew my passport, but I don't have my National Identity Card, or it's expired. What should I do?

A National Identity Card is an optional part of a passport renewal application when you are abroad. If you have it in your possession and it is still valid, you can enclose it with your application. If not, this does not affect the renewal of your passport.

4- I missed my initial passport renewal appointment at the Embassy. Can I still go there to complete my procedure?

If you missed your appointment on the day it was scheduled, you have up to 08 business days to present yourself at the High Commission of Cameroon in Canada to complete your passport renewal procedure. This period runs from the date of your appointment indicated on your pre-registration form. After this deadline, please contact Passcam by e-mail at to request a new appointment.

5- I made an appointment on to renew my passport in a week's time, but I realize that I won't be able to keep the appointment. What should I do?

If you can’t keep the appointment you’ve made, you can change your appointment date up to 48 hours before the said appointment on the passcam platform using your login and password. If you have less than 48 hours before your appointment, please send an e-mail to to request a postponement, indicating the desired date. The High-Commission cannot give or modify your appointment.

6- Do I need a Consular Card to renew my passport? If so, how do I obtain one?

Yes, the consular card is a mandatory document to enclose with your passport renewal application. It can be obtained by filling out an online form on the website of the High Commission of Cameroon in Canada (

7- I'm a visitor to Canada, do I need to apply for a consular card to renew my passport?

If you are a visitor to Canada, you are required to submit a consular card application as part of your passport renewal procedure if you have been in the country for more than 3 months, or plan to stay longer than 3 months. Otherwise, you’ll probably have to provide proof that you intend to leave Canada before this deadline (presentation of your plane ticket, for example).

8- I have renewed my passport on your premises. How long does it take to receive my new passport?

After your physical enrolment at the High Commission of Cameroon in Canada, you should allow a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks for your passports to be returned to Canada and delivered to you if you have chosen the option of them being returned to you by post. Otherwise, you will be asked to collect it from the High Commission.

9- I'd like to renew my passport, but I don't have my birth certificate. What do I need to do?

  1. If your birth certificate is lost, you must present a recent attestation of the existence of the birth certificate issued by the City council of your place of birth. A certified copy of this attestation, less than three months old, is sufficient for the passport enrolment procedure.
  2. If your birth certificate is in Cameroon or in a country other than Cameroon, you can have a certified copy issued by the Mayor’s office in Cameroon or by any Diplomatic Mission or Consular Post of Cameroon abroad.

10- I'd like to renew my children's passports. Do they need a consular card?

All Cameroonian passport renewal applicants must submit a consular card or consular card application form, even if they are minors. Cameroonian parents must also attach their consular card to their child(ren)’s file.

Yes, children must be present to collect biometric data (photos, fingerprints, etc.). We recommend that an adult accompany minors under the age of 16.

11- I'm a married woman with my husband's name on my old passport. Can I have it removed when I renew my passport?

The only way to have your spouse’s name removed from your new passport is to provide a document proving the non-existence of any conjugal ties with your spouse (divorce certificate, death certificate, etc.). If you are unable to submit any of these documents, you will need to always present your marriage certificate.