Son Excellence ANU’A-GHEYLE Solomon AZOH-MBI

Haut Commissaire pour la République du Cameroun au Canada

Solomon Azoh-Mbi joined the Cameroon Foreign Service as a career diplomat in 1985, and served successively in various capacity in the Cameroon Ministry of External Relations and in the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon. Over his many years of service, he specifically focused on issues involving the Law of the Sea, the International Criminal Court, the Commonwealth, besides closely following bilateral relations with countries of the Americas.

He has travelled widely in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas, and has a keen interest in issues of development and transformative change around the world. Prior to his appointment in 2008 as High Commissioner for the Republic of Cameroon to Canada, he served as Senior Diplomatic Adviser to the President of the Republic of Cameroon.

He and his wife, Mercy, have five children.

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