Associations & Addresses

Cameroonian Association in Canada (CAC) based in Montreal

Cameroonian Community of national capital region (COCACO)

Cameroonian Association in British Colombian (CBGA)

Cameroonian Association in Calgary (ACC)

Cameroonian Association in Québec (CAQ), Québec city

Cameroonian Community Association in GTA, Toronto (CCA-GTA)

Cameroonian Students Association in Université de Montréal (ECUM)

Cameroonian Students Association in Université du Québec à Trois Rivières(AECUQTR)

 Cameroonian Association in Atlantic (New Brunswick) (ACA)

Cameroonian Students Association the University of Sherbrooke (AECUS)

SOLAMI ( Solidarity and friendship) in Montreal (contact:

Cameroonian Association of Edmonton (CAE-ACE

Alliance Cameroon Calgary (ACAM-CALGARY)

There are also many cultural and traditional Cameroonian associations in the most cities :

Club Mt-Cameroun; Binam Canada; Haut-Nkam Montréal; Bamouns du Canada; Jeunesse Sawa ;Ngond'a Sawa ô Canada; Solidarité Sawa; Goodwill Montréal; LECDA (Lebialem); Bétis du Canada; Manyu; Yemba; Cedas; As Grenet; AS Racine; Bamboutos; Baham; Bayangam (YOGAM); Muanenguba , Ktowners Community Association of Toronto