Apply for a Visa

Before applying for a visa, please refer to the Entry Requirements in Cameroon

Applicants for a Cameroon Entry Visa must be in possession of the following:

Apply for a visa 

After filling the online visa application form, print it and send it with the following documents:

NB: - Following Covid-19 Special Measures (see homepage), visa requests are to be sent exclusively by mail to the High Commission with a trackable return envelope bearing the applicant's exact address.

       -Incomplete files will be rejected.


Pay Visa Fees

Check the fees for Entry Visas.

Visa Processing Time

Visas by Post - Registered Mail Only

Visa applications sent by post will only be accepted and processed if all the required documents are enclosed.

In case a passport will not be retrieved in person, a Pre-Paid self- addressed envelope must be provided by the applicant. It is preferable to use one of the reputable couriers i.e. FEDEX, Purolator, or Priority-Express Mail (Canada Post)