Application Form for a Biometric Passport

Applications for biometric passports are processed at the High-Commission (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday : 9.00 AM) exclusively on appointment with the consular service.

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Applicants are reminded that any false statement made on a passport request form is reprimanded by the Cameroonian law. 

Consult the Requirements to obtain a biometric passport

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NB: Fees are non refundable in case the passport application is rejected. A letter stating the reason for refusal will be enclosed.

Application to Renew an Expired Passport

Book or search an appointment for a passport application

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Replacement of Lost Passports

Aside from the documents required in the passport application form, one should attach:

Applicants in this category are invited to appear in person at the chancellery for an interview after having taken an appointment by phone.

The estimated waiting period is of 3 months (90 days) minimum. There is no urgency in the processing of applications regarding lost passports.